Monday, June 24, 2013

The Great Teacher: The Sword of Delusion

I do not often write in verse but this came to me while I meditated the other day.

What more proof does one need
Than to witness the monolith
The immense power of delusion

From ocean to ocean there marches
an uncountable number
of soldiers bedecked in weapons
like so many ants filled with poisonous venom

And even on the oceans,
Man has made land
that floats like islands
to bring their swords and arrows

And below
like a leviathan
the waters are tunneled by metallic worms
filled to bursting with the fires of hell

tell me, even of one man
If we opened their skull
would we find the sage within those folds
or would there be a king-scowling and brandishing
the scimitar?

with our children, with our spouses
our mothers and fathers
friends and acquaintances
even these, our supposed kith and kin,
those we use words like, ‘love’ and ‘care’
with-these holy words-even with these, our
‘precious’-we defile those words
Even with these we attack them with our
darkest winds, our lustful and power addled
We only know this power, this lowly
corrupt, perverse power,
and it pervades the universe like water in a
soaked rag

But even this, even this, becomes a light to Illuminate
the flawless words of the Blessed One
for, even in the face of this seemingly all pervasive
This hateful ignorance
that rises up like some terrible mountain
Spewing and covering the sky
Even this is a light.

For tell me this. Against such might what general
would tell us to attack?
Which king would tell us the war
Is winnable?
And yet, the Blessed One has

The Blessed One has said to look
at his words and test them
and what greater proof is there
than an evidence that is pervasive?

Violence and so forth
pile upon the earth
and yet, among all this
there rises, again, and again
the lesson of Peace

It is not just the Daughters and Sons
Of the Conqueror that practice it
It is in each day, a secret moment, where the Mother
is not addled-that she whispers peace

And each age, a handful come to light
that teach Peace
That teach that it is the way

With the hordes of false teachers
both animate and inanimate
Who teach the opposite-for so long
How could it be that it still rises?

Be well G

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Old Post New Site

Xanga is closing, xanga is closing, it is closed. It was the first and only place where I blogged, wrote, exchanged ideas with some amazing people. I am a skeptic of technology and almost all of my positive experiences with it have been through this blog. I cherish those few that have kept in contact with me. I am thankful for those that spent even a brief moment looking at what I wrote. That anyone would spend their time giving me the time of day, especially in area that are difficult to express, has been a powerful current in my life. Their insight, beautiful minds, and poetic natures have done wonders for my often melancholy personality.

swirling spiral

and anyone who went anonymous on my writing, I thank you. I do not know if you could know how much I appreciated an eye to some of my thoughts.

I will post at both sites for awhile until xanga closes. I changed my URL to ariseguru, because, I do not think fallenguru is appropriate now. To be honest, I think I have arisen from what I had thought was a terminal blow. I thought I would never arise. The deep distress at what I had thought was life had left me destroyed, razed, and ready to mimic a life. I have found this way out, a way, and have taken my first attempts at walking what I have found to be true. They can be none other than difficult, bumbling, and often leading to a fall. But I am no longer 'fallen' in the past tense. The past tense of it being a place of infinite rest (much different than eternal rest-eternal rest takes transcendence which I do want). I get up. The stride is wobbly, like I was when I first learned to walk but, eventually, despite the oddity of my gait, I did learn to walk.

I will leave you will something I wrote about 7 years ago on xanga. One of my first posts.

Posted 12/19/2006 at 3:7 PM
I have understood that I was misleading myself for so long. I have made the mistake of sublimating my individuality. It does not seem to be this way if you were to talk to someone like myself. I have ideas and methodologies but most of my ideas stretch from the debunked theory of George Bush (the first one) with his trickle down economics. It is not economics that I talk about, or not exclusively, but it is the idea that the grand scheme of things comes first; the problems with politics, the wars, the poverty of the third world. I do not want one to think that these do not matter, they do matter, they are blots on the map of our existence. However, the mistake that I have made and have continued to make for some time, and at times still do, is to put myself in a position of impotency. What can one do against the awesome tide of evil in this world? If it is viewed in the scope of a totality (or what we think is a totality) then it is unbearable to stare at. It grinds the will into a malleable dust that is washed away with its current.
I love history, or it is one of the loves that I have in my life, I have often said that my hobby is as a generalist, and I am apt to sit with the very few friends that I have that will put up with such a dry subject (to most). We discuss the tides of history and marvel at the similar wave like patterns that ripple out throughout history. I call them waves and not a cycle because each arrival of the historical 'similarity' is not identical so it is more wave like then cyclical like. This marvel though is one who sits on the sideline, the consumer if you will. Thomas Jefferson would have lamented at this idealogy as he wanted the US to drive toward a agrarian production society. I thought on this and instead of using History as a painting to glare at and poke holes at, to use as a screen to glare and poke holes at our present time, I should use it as an impetus to influence the current history, or the 'to be' history. I am not vain enough to think that my mediocre intellect or talent would lead a charge down any path of historical significance directly but if one thinks about cause and effect we are not sure what cause will lead to what end. It is much as the Butterfly Effect example has on Chaos Theory, we matter. You must think of it, we ultimately matter, each cause has ripple effects across a pattern of effect and we cannot be sure how it moves movements in one direction or another. It is paramount that we remove ourselves as much as we can from this flow (cause no harm) until we are aware of our immense worth, limitless worth, even the least among us (as the Christ said) can do, or be the catalyst to miracles or anti miracles for lack of a better term. I used to think there was neutral causes, or Karma, but I no longer believe that. Each action from eating to sleeping has an effect without awareness we can cause unknowing good, but I would say that this is a rarity, mostly unawareness brings forth suffering. I say this because of the examples of my own life and throughout history, it takes care and focus to be able to overcome the natural slide of entropy, I think that it is that way with good. I think awareness of each step of each heartbeat can slowly allow oneself on the path to chip away at the grime that covers our true natures (entropy slides us to the grime, awareness leads us on a path that can rid ourselves of this and then I believe all paths will supersede the natural entropy and become Super mundane that leads back to Truth).
I don't want to get too religious or to speak in spiritual terms but most of what I speak on has those overtones but it is truly practical. It can be seen by an unbeliever as well. That is why I use scientific terms such as entropy for one who understands that in order for entropy to be put off energy must be put into the system. That is what I must remember. Also cause and effect, if we use any instance we can see that it has an ocean of cause and effect behind it, the abuser is a good example. We know that most abusers were abused (the opposite of this equation is not true however) and that is one cause of their hateful actions, just following this line we can see that it probably stretches back eons, eons of suffering, then we take into account all else, i.e. anger, wrong mates, organic mental deficiencies: where does this come from? It comes from not eating right, drugs where does this come from? This questioning goes on and on. Who then is responsible? We are, ultimately, we have a choice at the points of where our causes lead us to, we have internal choices on how we let we let the instance become 'real' or not in our life. 'Real' is a manifestation of our thought and not an independent truth.
Let's get back to the individual. I think of History, or our current state in the grand trickle down manner. I also have found that I think of systems this way, and it has to change. I must view it through the lens of cause and effect, through awareness, and through myself. I must view history as not unchanging monolithic inevitabilities but as pictures that come out of the masses of pixels that have driven it toward that vision. Truly what we view, what we ingest, is what we make of it. I have read a book on Active Reading and it stated that Active Reading is an art form. It takes the information and communications symbols of the author and then goes through the palette of the individuals mind and its constituents; sub, super, and conscious consciousness. Thus the end product is the readers and becomes something whole and new.
If we see ourselves as important, in fact, integral causes or effects in a systems manifestation then we can be active in our relationships to this. If we are aware of this, if we remain aware, the suffering of impotence will die. The virility of action with our wisdom of the situation can marry each other into conscious striving. This is mandatory in order to be good, to live at the very bare minimum of goodness which I define as to cause no harm, or as little as possible. We know the unconscious lifestyles so rarely cause good, so rarely that it does not even have to be measured, and so often causes bad and suffering. Be the individual, understand that it is in this manifestation that you grasp ahold of your life, of the world, of the universe, of systems of history. Look, as I do, at the histories, of economies, of any large vision of systems but realize their pixels are what make the illustration possible, without any of them it would not arise as it is. I look at this last sentence and I don't think it is quite accurate, I use the term pixel but it is more. The illustration is a nexus of smoke, or fog, it is where there is no wind. It arises and hovers as if it were solid to one that views it from the top, each and every being is a wind, each wind brought that smoke there and by canceling out each other the smoke is allowed to rise, if one was not there the opposite force would blow the vision into a blur. It is more like this.

The all powerful individual, manifestor of the universe and the gods that inhabit it, it is the duty of the individual to seek out to destroy itself and view the All in the luminosity of the Truth. It can only be done by accepting the yoke of awareness and individuality.

Be One
to be Many